Frequently Asked Questions

What is RageOn Connect and how do I add products?
  • Create your product on Rageon Builder or RageOn iOS app using the same account you are using for RageOn Connect
  • After you have created products, go to Products section on your RageOn Connect page
  • Click blue toggle button
    for each product that you want to add to your Shopify store
  • Optional - you can modify title, description or prices on your store's admin panel for any product you like
Can I use RageOn Connect with my website if I am using another provider other than Shopify?

Currently RageOn Connect only integrates with Shopify through the RageOn Connect App.

How do I integrate RageOn Connect with my Amazon store?

Currently RageOn Connect is not integrated with Amazon Services which means you cannot sync custom creations or featured gallery products from RageOn Connect into your Amazon store.

Do I have to have a store with Shopify to use your services?

You do not need Shopify in order to use RageOn! You can sign up directly with or iOS App and start creating and selling products right away - absolutely for free or you can upgrade to a more business savvy plan!

If you use Shopify, and would like to use RageOn for on demand products, you would download the RageOn Connect app for free and then start creating products and syncing them to your Shopify store. Again, using "RageOn Connect app" is only necessary if you have a Shopify store already. It's simpler and easier to just use - hope that helps clarify!

Why am I not able to see other variants of the designs that I am creating? I can see the main variation, but not all that are available.

When making products for RageOn Connect you will have to make each product type as an individual product in the builder in order to sync to your Shopify Store. Shopify has some restrictions when it comes to multi-variants so they will not sync properly unless you make each product type individually.

What is the RageOn Connect Gallery & Featured Gallery?

You can instantly sync products from top selling brands here in the RageOn Gallery & Featured Gallery . These brands and products were hand selected and have sold thousands of units.

RageOn Connect Gallery products are the same cost/pricing structure as if you created a product for yourself.

Featured Gallery products give a kick back to the Licensor of the content and have an up charge to the baseline cost, most are $1. You do not pay this up charge in advance, it only increases the baseline cost when a Featured Gallery Product sells.

What is the recommended image size and guidelines for creating products on RageOn?

Consult this page for details on image format, dimensions and more.

Some of RageOn products appear much bigger than other products. Why?
To fix this issue you have to follow these instructions:
  • Step 1 - Go to your Shopify Theme and edit HTML/CSS
  • Step 2 - Open timber.scss.liquid
  • Step 3 - Find this:
  •       ,
                      .grid__item img,
                      .grid__item iframe {
                        max-width: 100%;
  • Step 4 - Change the content to:
                    max-height: 20em;
                    max-width: 20em;
  • Step 5 - Save the file
All of your products in grid should be same size now.
If you use a custom theme, the item may differ slightly. Please contact and we can help you figure out the right code location.
Am I able to make duplicates of the products I’ve previously connected to my Shopify?
No. This will create an issue with fulfillment. It increases the chances of an order being placed on your site and not processing on RageOn’s side.
How can I hide my custom creation in RageOn’s marketplace and keep it on my Shopify store?

Click on Products > My Products > Connected to view all of your connected items. Click on the 3 dots in the top right of the product and choose Hide on RageOn

What is the customer experience on my Shopify store?
How quickly does RageOn process my order?

Assuming you have connected a payment method with RageOn - any orders that comes in from your store with RageOn line items that are Low Risk will be processed immediately. If your order is Medium or High Risk then we will notify by email and you can log into your RageOn Connect dashboard to approve.

Does RageOn send any email to my customers?

No. RageOn will not send any email to your customers. We send notifications and alerts to you.

What are Standard, Premium & Ultra Premium T-Shirts?

Standard Quality - Single Sided*
Image printed on pre-made blank garment - front only, back is white 2-4 day manufacturing process plus shipping time

Premium Quality - Double Sided*
Image printed on pre-made blank garment - front and back 2-4 day manufacturing process plus shipping time

Ultra Premium Quality - Double Sided - Cut & Sew**
Image printed on ultra premium quality fabric, then cut and sewn Image on front and back. No white marks or irregularities 3-6 day manufacturing process plus shipping time

All items are 1 of a kind, hand-made, and printed exclusively for the customer who ordered it. Shipping times may vary if coupled with other products that have longer shipping times.
A large portion of our proceeds go to our creators!

*Irregularities underneath the armpits/around the seams are possible due to the process
**Images may not line up perfectly where fabric is sewn together

What are the dimensions of the products?

Click here to view all product dimensions

How much money will I make from the sale of a product?

Please visit product pricing page (you can change the price to make more or less commission!)

How do I change prices?

You can change prices for your products once they are synced to your Shopify. You can go to your Shopify Products admin area and modify pricing of each product variant. Use Product Pricing page to understand how much profit you will make.

Can I delete some products variants?

Yes. You may delete the variants that you don’t want to offer to your customers. If you want to restore them you should re-connect the product - do not add variants manually.

When does my credit card get charged?

Your credit card is charged when RageOn begins to process your order. See the question “How quickly does RageOn process my order?” for more information.

How is customer service handled?

Your customers should contact you for any customer service requests. You can contact RageOn customer service at or contact your account manager to escalate. You will need to provide us with your order # and the RageOn order # (available in the Note section of your order) for efficient service.

Can I change some product details?

Yes. You may change product title, description and prices. Do not change the product SKU, size, color or style options.

Where do I get tracking information for my order?

Once the order is fulfilled by us, we will update the order as fulfilled on your Shopify with the tracking information for RageOn line items. This will trigger an email from your store to your customer. You will be able to re-get the tracking information anytime through your Shopify admin portal.

How are returns/exchanges handled?
  • When using RageOn Connect and you get returns for “RageOn Gallery Brands" that are in new condition, you will send them in a batch to RageOn for full store credit. We can then resell them internally as “Ready To Ship” items. Ship to: Attn: RageOn Connect "your business name", 1163 East 40th Street, Suite 211, Cleveland, OH 44114
  • When you make custom designs and “connect” with RageOn, if you receive a return request, the decision will be yours on whether you want to accept the return or not. RageOn will not offer store credit back for custom products because we cannot resell these products.
  • Once an order is approved and sent to our system, RageOn does not accept cancellations, exchanges or refunds, due to the manufacturing process starting immediately.
  • If you get a customer complaint about a manufacturer defect, please send verification, pictures are best, detailing the defect and email your account manager so RageOn can pass them along to the manufacturer and issue your customer the correct, defect-free, product ASAP.